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Larnaka city and region


Hundreds of years of different civilizations have made up its rich history and thus Larnaka has been included in the British Telegraph newspaper’s list (2017) of the 16 oldest cities in Europe and the 20 oldest continuous inhabited cities in the world. Today, while spreading its charm on its beautiful coastline, the city combines perfectly its two faces. Larnaka stands out by mixing its historical character with that of the modern European city.

In its short distances, even between residential areas, one can find restaurants, parks, cafes, accommodation and  entertainment options, while its beautiful sandy beaches, old districts and fascinating historical monuments are just steps away. A variety of activities are offered all year round, both in the city and in its rural areas, that compose its  authentic image while keeping its tradition and culture alive. Its natural wealth, the aura of calmness and simplicity as well as the hospitality and unity that characterizes its inhabitants, make Larnaka even more special, even more accessible, even more loveable. It is a fact that many Cypriots, as well as foreigners choose to visit Larnaka repeatedly.

While all those characteristics harmoniously make up an integrated city that one would like to visit and live in, plenty of space exists for new investments, further development and upgrade, positioning Larnaka as a popular tourist destination of all seasons.

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