Mattei House - Multipurpose center for creativity and culture


Focusing on sustainable tourism and culture Larnaka completes this year the restoration of Mattei House, a former British and then Larnaka Club, operating under the Municipality of Larnaka as a ‘Multipurpose Center for Creativity and Culture’.

The building is one of the most significant historic buildings of Larnaka. Located right in the center of the city on Zinonos Kitieos shopping street (opposite the Pierides Museum) and linked with the history from the 18th century, when it began life as Mattei House, the home of Giacomo Mattei a merchant and landowner whose family ties stretched to Rome and Florence.

Enriching Larnaka’s existing tourist product for both tourists and locals, the Center aims to offer visitors the opportunity to watch traditional works of folk art included in UNESCO’s list of intangible heritage, such as embroidery and basketry, as well as arts that are part of Cypriot cultural heritage, intertwined with the city and province of Larnaka.

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 Content/Photos by: Tecoma Services Ltd